Legal Department Management

Telefonica General Counsel Interview: Outsourcing vrs In-Sourcing in the Legal Department

Edward Smith, General Counsel of TelefÓnica UK Limited, speaks to the Legal Exchange Network about out-sourcing versus in-sourcing plus the factors he takes into consideration when selecting external law firms. Watch this video to learn about the transformation of the legal team and what skills tomorrow’s lawyers need to take a legal department to the next level.

How the legal team at BT increased their efficiency

Steve Roberts, Chief Counsel Procurement at BT discusses how he increased the legal teams efficiency through legal outsourcing and managed to conquer fear of change in introducing the business to a new cheaper and more efficient way of doing things.

Legal and Compliance Priorities: People Management, Regulatory and Technological Change

MasterCard’s Head of Legal and Company Secretary for MasterCard Prepaid Management Services, Hemal Parekh, speaks about the priorities for his legal team right now, including: how to find the right people for the right roles in the legal team; determining whether they have the right external providers; utilisation of metrics; plus how to handle the challenges resulting from the fact that in many regions, regulatory frameworks are not keeping pace with technological change. 

Q&A with Western Union: Controlling Legal Spend and Managing New Regulation

Western Union’s Christopher Fischer, Associate General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer EMEA, speaks with the Corporate Counsel Exchange about what steps they have been taking to get legal spend under control, what types of external partners he values in driving legal department efficiency plus regulations on his radar, such as the new anti-money laundering regulations. 

Efficiency Focus – Tools, Models & Technology

Matthew Banks, Customer Solutions Director at Riverview Law, David Williams, General Counsel UK, Ireland & Nordics at Teva Pharmaceuticals Limited and Robert Goldsmith, Head of Group Legal at Wolseley Group Services look at how to develop a more efficient model, reduce legal spend through effective capturing of data and analytics and how to coordinate this across the legal team.

Corporate Governance Crisis: The Role of The General Counsel when Things Go Wrong

Telecom Italia’s General Counsel, Head of Legal Affairs & Secretary to the Board of Directors, Antonino Cusimano, opens up about the General Counsel’s role in a corporate crisis, including preparation, the reaction plus how to assess the legal consequences and managing them.
Applying Metrics & KPIs in Legal & Compliance Departments: a DCNS Perspective

Applying Metrics & KPIs in Legal & Compliance Departments: a DCNS Perspective

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal spoke with Adam Smith, Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at the defence giant, DCNS, to hear how he has gone about developing KPIs & metrics for their legal and compliance departments and why it is so important to understand what management are really looking for from your department.