Adding Value to the Business as A Business Partner

Q&A with OneSavings Bank’s Group General Counsel: Utilising Progressive Law Firms and Being a Business Rather than Pure Legal Adviser

Zoe Bucknell, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at OneSavings Bank Plc speaks insightfully on why she uses progressive and flexible law firms, the latest Regulations she is tracking on the horizon, including the European Credit Directive, plus the work she is doing to move more towards the US model where the legal team take a more business role rather than a pure legal one.

The Evolution of the GC Role and its New Influence on the Corporate Stage

In this panel discussion, Mark Noble, Deputy Group General Counsel, at National Grid plc, Volker Weisshaar, GC and Board Member EMEA at Sonos, Bjarne Philip Tellmann, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Pearson plc and Antonino Cusimano, General Counsel, Telecom Italia look at how the role of the GC is evolving, what has changed and what we can expect for the future.

Download this discussion to discover;
  • The challenges and opportunities in getting closer to the business and the line management
  • How  conflicts arise from the dual role of business executives and corporate lawyer
  • Reflections on getting the right talent to support the function

How GCs can better align with the business and move away from “pure legal”

In this interview with Bjarne Philip Tellmann, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Pearson plc he provides his view on how GCs can better align with the business and move away from “pure legal”.
He also shares the top projects he plans to run in his department in the coming year, the challenges associated with this, and how he plans to overcome them.

The Power of Persuasion: How You Can Become More Influential In The Boardroom

Nigel Jeremy, Global Head of Learning, Recruitment & Organisation Development at M&S shares practical lessons to show General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers how they can be more persuasive in the boardroom, how to get your message heard.

Nike and Shell Panel Session: Is the Way that you Choose to Work With your External Counsel Right For You?

Watch this information packed panel debate between Hans von der Linde, General Counsel, Downstream at Shell International Limited and Fabrizio Mecozzi, Vice President and Europe General Counsel at Nike, moderated by David Paige, Managing Director, Legal Fee Advisors, to discover tips on how to measure value in a law firms’ proposition, transparency, how to reduce your law firm panel and many more related topics.

How BT is Transforming the Legal and Compliance Departments into Revenue Centres

Hear from Gareth Tipton, Director of Compliance and COO at BT Group who in this practical interview delves into the interesting initiatives they have been implementing at BT to help transform the legal and compliance departments into revenue centres.