16 - 17 October, 2018
Steigenberger Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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The 2018 Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange Post Event Report

If you weren’t at the 19th Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange in April 2018, then you definitely missed out!However, we have put together a handy report with the key statistics, light-bulb moments and much more to give you a glimpse into the discussions ...

Reinventing the In-House Counsel: The Disruptors

Hear from the General Counsel from Uber, TransferWise, Onfido and GoCardless as they reveal how the ‘Disruptor GCs’ are bucking the trends, shaking up their industries and helping change the dynamic between in-house and private practice lawyers for the future.

Eversheds Research report: GC Career Track for In-House lawyers

Our strategic event partners Eversheds Sutherland have created this fantastic research report that identifies:Showcases the most useful training and experience to succeed In-HouseHighlights the obstacles faced by In-House lawyers when it comes to achieving t ...

The GC Survival Guide: The Practical Skills you need to Become a GC Leader

This October marks the special 15th Edition of the Corporate Counsel Exchange. To celebrate, we have put together a unique limited edition collection of wisdom and insight from past and future speakers, Advisory Council and thought leaders in the Corporate Counsel Exchange community to create a ...

GDPR Ready? Checklist

Are you prepared for 25 May 2018, when the new world of data protection takes effect with its wider scope, tougher rules and harsher fines?Check your progress with these 8 steps towards GDPR compliance, taken from our expert panel at the Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange 2017 with; ...

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What do clients want? Analysing the General Counsel law firm relationship

This infographic provides you with a sneak preview of the results from a survey conducted last month with 125 in-house General Counsel, 67% from companies with more than £1.1 Billion in revenue a year and more than 1000 employees. Their answers were matched up with over 86 management leaders from...

Top Investment Priorities for General Counsel across Europe in 2016/17

Ahead of the Corporate Counsel Exchange, attendees were asked what their top business challenges are and which tools, services and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months. This infographic lists the top 15 and three of the main challenges they are facing when trying...

LexisNexis: Better Safe than Sorry – The case for building a robust sanctions compliance programme

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY – The case for building a robust sanctions compliance programmeThe increasing number of enforcement agencies and their increasing vehemence in enforcement makes the risk of not keeping up substantial.More than half a century ago, the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) established the first sanctions regime on Southern...

What are General Counsel investing in during 2017?

Deeper analysis on some of the industries biggest challenges and investment priorities for the next 6-12 months. Find out some of the services, solutions and technologies that in-house corporate legal departments are looking to invest in and implement to help them innovate.

Creating a Risk Mitigation Process that Stands Up to Regulator Scrutiny with LexisNexis

Creating a Risk Mitigation Process that Stands Up to Regulator ScrutinyComplete compliance risk avoidance is a laudable goal, but due to the complexity of global supply chains and reliance on third party networks – particularly when expanding into emerging markets – organizations increasingly recognize that a violation can happen, despite...

Legal Department Management

Telefonica General Counsel Interview: Outsourcing vrs In-Sourcing in the Legal Department

Edward Smith, General Counsel of TelefÓnica UK Limited, speaks to the Legal Exchange Network about out-sourcing versus in-sourcing plus the factors he takes into consideration when selecting external law firms. Watch this video to learn about the transformation of the legal team and what skills tomorrow’s lawyers need to take...

Applying Metrics & KPIs in Legal & Compliance Departments: a DCNS Perspective

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal spoke with Adam Smith, Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at the defence giant, DCNS, to hear how he has gone about developing KPIs & metrics for their legal and compliance departments and why it is so important to understand what management are really looking...

How the legal team at BT increased their efficiency

Steve Roberts, Chief Counsel Procurement at BT discusses how he increased the legal teams efficiency through legal outsourcing and managed to conquer fear of change in introducing the business to a new cheaper and more efficient way of doing things.

Adding Value to the Business as A Business Partner

Q&A with OneSavings Bank’s Group General Counsel: Utilising Progressive Law Firms and Being a Business Rather than Pure Legal Adviser

Zoe Bucknell, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at OneSavings Bank Plc speaks insightfully on why she uses progressive and flexible law firms, the latest Regulations she is tracking on the horizon, including the European Credit Directive, plus the work she is doing to move more towards the US model...

The Evolution of the GC Role and its New Influence on the Corporate Stage

In this panel discussion, Mark Noble, Deputy Group General Counsel, at National Grid plc, Volker Weisshaar, GC and Board Member EMEA at Sonos, Bjarne Philip Tellmann, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Pearson plc and Antonino Cusimano, General Counsel, Telecom Italia look at how the role of the GC...

How GCs can better align with the business and move away from “pure legal”

In this interview with Bjarne Philip Tellmann, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Pearson plc he provides his view on how GCs can better align with the business and move away from “pure legal”. He also shares the top projects he plans to run in his department in the...

The Power of Persuasion: How You Can Become More Influential In The Boardroom

Nigel Jeremy, Global Head of Learning, Recruitment & Organisation Development at M&S shares practical lessons to show General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers how they can be more persuasive in the boardroom, how to get your message heard.

Nike and Shell Panel Session: Is the Way that you Choose to Work With your External Counsel Right For You?

Watch this information packed panel debate between Hans von der Linde, General Counsel, Downstream at Shell International Limited and Fabrizio Mecozzi, Vice President and Europe General Counsel at Nike, moderated by David Paige, Managing Director, Legal Fee Advisors, to discover tips on how to measure value in a law firms’...

How BT is Transforming the Legal and Compliance Departments into Revenue Centres

Hear from Gareth Tipton, Director of Compliance and COO at BT Group who in this practical interview delves into the interesting initiatives they have been implementing at BT to help transform the legal and compliance departments into revenue centres.

Compliance Strategy

Q&A with AXA Assistance General Counsel: Compliance Strategy During Global Expansion

Watch this snappy Q&A discussion with AXA Assistance’s General Counsel, Joanne Hindle, to find out why she is focussing more on compliance than legal, and what type of external providers they are using during their global expansion.

Riding the Compliance Wave – Creating a Competitive Advantage through Your Compliance Programme by Leveraging Compliance as a Business Differentiator

Richard Masters, Partner, Pinsent Masons and Director at Cerico,  Raffaele Zucca Alessandrelli, Director General Counsel and Compliance Officer, Denso Corporation EMEA & South America and Stephan Mechnig-Giordano, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller  discuss how to create competitive advantage through compliance, what compliance looks like inside their...

How to build a compliance program from scratch

Raffaele Zucca Alessandrelli, Director General Counsel and Compliance Officer, Denso Corporation EMEA & South America looks sheds light on how to build a compliance program from scratch in the aftermath of an incident. Starting with a through risk-assessment.

How to embed GRC throughout the business

Chris Sam, Vice President, Corporate Governance and Group Risk Officer at Sidel Group (Tetra Laval) explains his strategy for embedding GRC throughout the business, the main hurdles he has faced and how he overcame them.  He also shares his top tips on how to find the right legal or advisory...

Overcome the main challenges with embedding a compliance program and training throughout the business

Martina Franke, European General Counsel, Nintendo of Europe GmbH discusses  the main challenges with embedding a compliance program and training throughout the business and provides her top tips on how to overcome these. She also discusses the top projects she plans to run in the next year and the services...

Out-Sourcing Vs. In-Sourcing Your Legal and Compliance Needs

This interactive session features top legal executives from household names O2 UK, BT Group, Müller. The group of experts debugs strategies and resources available to craft the right delivery model for your legal organisation. Engineering the right balance between in-house work and external support will help you drive efficiencies and...

The Tricks of the Trade for Tackling Global Compliance Risk Proactively

Hans Albers, Senior Director and Associate General Counsel EMEA, Juniper Networks, Koen Laagland, Senior Legal Counsel, Nutreco NV and Maciej Hajewski, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Risk Management Department, AEGON provide practical advice on doing business in their global jurisdictions. Get tips on handling regulatory demands, working with local authorities...

Metalor General Counsel Interview: Doing Business in Emerging Markets Whilst Remaining Compliant

Janet McCarthy, Group General Counsel, Metalor spoke with the Legal Exchange Network about how to overcome challenges in relation to compliance in emerging markets, including tips on local connections. If your company is expanding, or you need to roll out a global compliance programme, this interview is a ‘must see.’

A View from Michelin on How to Stay Compliant with the Developing Global Competition Law Landscape

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal interviews Johanne Peyre, Head of Antitrust at Michelin to discuss the exciting work she and her team are doing to ensure global anti-trust compliance. Covering topics such as training employees globally, Johanne shares lessons General Counsel can apply in their own organisation.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

FIFA looks at corruption and bribery in sport

Alistair Maclean, Former Group Legal Director & Company Secretary at FIFA looks at corruption and bribery in sport why it happens and what the legal department can do to prevent it in this exclusive presentation.

Overcoming Compliance Challenges at Standard Life with Anti-Bribery, Anti-Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance Tools

The Legal Exchange Network caught up with Keith Falconer, Group Head of Compliance & Financial Crime at Standard Life plc.to discuss how they have handled the compliance challenges that have arisen as a result of sponsoring the Ryder Cup. Plus hear more about Standard Life’s anti-bribery, anti-financial crime and regulatory...

Managing Corruption Risks: Steps Which Should Be Taken To Protect Your Organisation And Employees

Watch this 2014 presentation to learn about managing corruption risks at home and globally from Keith Falconer, Group Head of Compliance & Financial Crime at Standard Life plc, Stephan Mechnig-Giordano, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller and Peter Utterström, Senior Counsel, Hellstrom Law.